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November 06, 2020

From our President, Javier E. Gonzalez:

I would like to take this time to provide some insight into our firm for those who are not familiar with JB Design and Permitting, Inc. Our firm has been known from its inception in 2014, for an above satisfactory rating of Glazing Shop Drawings. Our vision has always been to provide the best coordinated and reliable shop drawings for the glazing industry setting us apart from any other engineering or drafting firm.

The development of the shop drawings and submittals…

The development of the shop drawings and submittals are the most important phases of a project and if not done well can be extremely detrimental to the success of a project. See below some key factors we believe are a necessity for any project to be successful.

Initial coordination

This includes requesting missing information and creating and sending RFI’s. We need to help our PM’s! We see things that they do not.

Coordination of construction documents

Any firm that does not coordinate Architectural drawings with Structural drawings is cutting corners and can get you (the Glazing Contractor) in a lot of trouble.


We believe communication with our clients is one of the most important tasks associated with any service we provide. We will always keep you informed which also helps build our relationships.
jbd communication


Sometimes there are easier or more productive ways in doing things that can either save our clients money or provide solutions to issues that arise.

Preliminary Engineering

We need to make sure that prior to drafting, the proposed glazing portion of the design documents actually work structurally. This should always be done prior to even opening any drawing software.
jbd engineering consult

Clear and Clean drawings

We take pride in every drawing that leaves our office as it is a form of art. We want our clients and our client’s client to be impressed and overjoyed by our work. The idea is to make our clients’ job easier and more successful.
sketching of modern building construction and plan document use for construction theme

Quality Control

EVERYONE makes mistakes and errors when it comes to drafting. Even the most successful design professionals make mistakes and should always have a system set-up for somebody else to thoroughly review. Our project engineers only review that the system complies structurally which is why JB Design has designated personnel trained to review all aspects of the project from drafting standards to compliance of design intent.

Timing and deadlines

This is usually one of the main questions that everybody is looking for an answer for. Being on time is extremely important and our firm believes in doing everything possible to make the deadline even if we need to work around the clock to make it happen. Although in some cases, issues do arise in projects that take additional time that sometimes is unforeseen. We will always do our best to not delay in communicating with our clients if dates cannot be met due to unforeseen circumstances. We will always rather be late than deliver a set of drawings with errors or inaccurate information. The above is not something that was done in our 1st years in business, but through the years and support of our clients, we have been able to learn, stay humble and keep learning to do even better as we continue to grow. Feel free to contact us to begin discussing your next project and how JB Design can assist you with your success.


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