Amrit Wellness Resort and Spa

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Project Details

Project Name: Amrit Wellness Resort and Space
Location: Singer Island, FL
Architect: S & E Architects, Inc.
Glazing Contractor: GM & P Consulting and Glazing Contractors
Services: Exterior Aluminum Storefronts, Entrances, Sliding Glass Doors, Glass and Glazing Shop Drawings
Building Type: Mixed Use High Rise

Project Overview: JB Design (JBD) worked closely with GM&P Consulting and Glazing Contractors, and S&E Architects on The Amrit Wellness Resort and Spa Project. Our team of engineers and drafters provided shop drawings for all of the glazing on this project.

About JBD: JB Design specializes in the Fenestration Industry. Our extensive experience in the glass and facade industry has allowed us to transform architectural concepts into building realities. We integrate the latest technology and logistical processes providing assurance of production, coordination, and collaboration to be most effective and efficient for our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that each project complies with its structural components and local regulations. JBD’s expertise and commitment have and will provide you with the confidence to continue building strong relationships in your future projects.

 Services: JBD offers Engineering, Drafting, and BIM services to window manufacturers, glazing contractors, steel manufacturers, and miscellaneous metal contractors. Our team of dedicated professionals offers glazing consulting, dedicated drafting teams, fast turnaround, flexible resource management, and project management support.